Sunday, December 22, 2013

new leaf

Monday, 1:17 am
I decided to delete all my old posts.
I decided to re-write my blog.

This is actually the third time i re-write my blog. Not because i have something to hide, its simply because i hate reading what i wrote before.

Lets make this blog is all about me, coz i know aint nobody cares about it. lol.
Im the type of person that very very very pessimist. My blood type is B+ but yeah im pessimist. Currently im a 5th year medical student. Live in Russia. Live alone. And gonna graduate soon, in one and a half year count. Im so called not a single lady, coz i have a boyfriend back in Malaysia that i already in a relationship for a bout 3 years. And again still counting. I like to cook, bake, sing, and travelling. So far i've travelled to London, Paris, Turkey, China, and Hong Kong. I love my country Malaysia, but i admit that i know nothing about her. And that is something that im not proud. What i want in life is an easy life. A life without problem. Which is impossible for everyone to have it. Especially for someone like me, that i guess like to create a problem for herself without she herself know, until she is in trouble then she realize that the problem actually come from her herself. Yeap! thats me.

And usually when i face a problem, that me myself create and me myself cant solve it, i usually will come back to this blog to pour all my sadness and all my undelivered words to tht specific problem, eventho i know this wont help me to solve it, but still i want to write it. Coz i know aint nobody got time for this. I usually will come to this site when i feel down, when i feel depressed and when i feel being pushed away. Yes, im a pessimist. Sometimes i wonder how i can survive this world all these time. Coz from what i know, world never being kind to anyone of my kind. Guess, im lucky i survived.

For now,thats all. This is all that wondering around my small little brain. Till next time little blog. Adios.

1:48 am