Thursday, November 26, 2015

Easy Pavlova Recipe

Hi blog! Since i have a lot of time to waste this days, so i thought how about another post! I have nothing to do, why not making one! So i decided to make a pavlova today. And its my first time making it.

I googled "pavlova" and i found this easy pavlova recipe at (^^,) yey! Just a few days back my sis in law made pavlova also for the first time, but it didn't turn out so good. Maybe there is a problem somewhere in preparation. We googled why and found some information. We must make sure that..

》》All utensils are dry
》》eggs are in room temperature
》》put the sugar bit by bit (this is very important)
》》oven is pre heat

The ingredients are the basic ingredients that presence in all the house in the world. I divided all ingredients into half so that i can have a small size pavlova since im the only one who gonna finish it later. So the ingredients are..

》》2 eggs
》》1/2 cups of icing sugar
》》1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
》》1 teaspoon of vinegar (the recipe says lemon but im so lazy to cut the lemon)
》》1teaspoon of corn starch

The step are easy, first pre heat the oven and the baking tray (150°c) Then separate the white eggs, and beat it using mixer, full speed. Beat it until it light but not dry. My boyfriend said beat it through, then turn it over your head, if its didn't fall off to your head, means it beated just fine. Then add sugar bit by bit. Beat it till it smooth. Then add vanilla extract, vinegar and corn starch, and fold it through. Put the foil in the baking tray and spread it over. Put in oven and bake for 1 hour. Then leave it cool down inside the oven.

For the cream, just beat heavy cream it until light. Spread it on top of the meringue and put the fruits, like kiwi, blackberries, strawberries, basically sour fruits, since the meringue is already sweet. And done!

Mine a little bit burn because i mistaken the temperature, i think i put it by 170°c. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

25th November 2015, Wed

Its been quite a long time since i post something in this blog, basically its because i have tons of things to do in my real life, study, hanging out with friends, selling food, playing with pets etc etc. And ill only crawling back to this blog when i actually feels lifeless and overwhelmed. 😂

Anyway, back to the real reason why i suddenly back to this blog today. I just want to share my graduation pics 😁😁😁. Since in malaysia its a graduation season, so i feel like joining the festive. Mine was in June this year, but because i dont remember this blog back then, so only today ill upload the pics.

I want my graduation album to be filled with laugh and people in it. But it turn to be just me, myself and my family. This is because my photographer wanted to capture just me. 😕😕😕😕😕. He is a professional photographer. He hv been hired by lots of vvip, always won a competition, some of his works qualified to be included in the exhibition and i get to admit, his works was "otlichna" (excellent). But it was too professional for me. This ordinary cute girl just want a regular someone to capture the moment that day. To capture an interesting, good, one last pic with my friends that mostly im not be seeing them again in the future.

To think about it, i always have this thought that graduation its the end of all the suffer and the beginning of all the glory. But after experience it. I begin to miss all the "suffer" back in student life. All the business, the excitement, and all the freedom of a student. What i mean by freedom is that - free from responsibility and somehow we only have one mission to accomplish - to graduate. And now ive graduated and i feel lost. It feel like im lack of purpose, i hv nothing to accomplish, no mission, no direction. But i hope this feeling will end soon. As we get our offer letter to persuade our so called dream to become medical officer. I hope soon, as in very soon. Im tired of waiting.

Anyhow, this is the magnificent pics of my graduation. As what they always say. "You Only Grad Once" 😆😆😆

Not that much, but its better than nothing 😈. Till next time