Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Day trip to Mabul & Kapalai Island

Hai blog! Just last Saturday I went to visit an island with my seniors. It was a random unexpected trip. I met them on Friday night during our friends wedding reception ( Dyana & Ismail ). Ren wanted to snorkel since its the first time she visit Sabah and as everyone knows sabah is famous with their islands, so they were finding people to go with them so that it get cheaper and the more the merrier right, so they invited me and kak Dla. When Sol ask me i straight away say yes. But after a while i feel hesitated to go, but i just keep it to myself. 

27.11.15 (Ismail&Dyana)

The next morning, Kak Dla pick us and we start our journey to Semporna at 6.55 am, we reach there around 8.45 am. We went to Kak Dla friend's office and ask for a boat price. At first we want to go Sibuan Island. But she said we need to get a permit first before we can go there. So in the end we decided to go Mabul Kapalai. The price she offered was Rm500 per boat and not including snorkeling gadgets. For that we need to add another Rm65 per gadget. So Sol contacted her contact and we get Rm300 per boat including snorkeling gadgets. She is really good in bargaining tho. 

So after waiting and filling document at the tourist jetty, we start our engine boat at 9.20 and start our boat journey. And after almost 30 minutes journey, we met the Marine, they were on their round to guard the islands around. He look at our document and notice that we dont have any stamps that granted us to go any of the island. For that we had to go back and get the stamps then only that we can continue our plan to visit island :"(. So, we went back to the jetty and Sol tried to get the stamps. There were 3 stamps we neet to get, which is from the police, national park, and jetty. All these people were there when we fill our document earlier, we dont know why they didn't pass it around to stamp it, its f.o.c so i didn't see the problem there. Its a troublesome to go forth and back jusft for the stamp. In the end we just managed to get the stamp from the jetty, all other people went back already, coz its almost noon and its Saturday. 

We started back our journey around 10.55 am and reach Kapalai around 12.20 noon. We skipped Mabul because Kapalai is better place for snorkeling, Mabul is just a place to take picture, thats what they said.

We actually only reached at the snorkeling point, which was also a resort. And since we are not their guests so we cannot enter their premises, we can only linger around the water. But, since one of my senior is a Captain in the army, she called her colleagues that apparently working there to guard the island and because of that we get the exceptional! The view, masyaallah, breath taking! Im in love!! ♡♡♡

I dont know how to swim and i only snorkel twice in my life, first time at Tiga Island, second time at Sapi island and both time i gave up early, i only saw few fishes that time. The water keep on going into my eyes and i keep on drinking sea water. Then thats it, i gave up. Again this time i also almost give up when i accidentally bump into the corals and cut myself at the knee. Then i tried to stand up and again cut my soles. And suddenly someone came into rescue. The diving instructor for the resorts named Mubin. 

He said i cannot stand here, its dangerous, there were sting fish around there and he bring me to the resort. After he treated my wound he asked me either i still want to snorkel coz he just saw a turtle not far from the resort. I said yes! Can i see it please! After my wound dried, we went back to the water and he teach me how to move in the water. With his guide we reach to the place where the turtle eat and spend their time. We get to see six turtle in total. Five adults and one baby turtle. But the baby turtle wasnt so baby, coz the size was as big as the tyre. The adult turtle were bigger than me. Im so excited as i want to shout when i saw the turtle. Thats the first time in my life seeing life turtle. Its green and look old. They are not afraid of human, and for that i managed to touch them (which i actually shouldn't do, because i can get their bacteria! ), they just swim around us, and look so old but so cute. The best scenery i ever had in my life so far. Sadly i dont have any action camera or gopro to capture the momment. Maybe next time, maybe.. here is some picture of turtle mubin sent me through fb, its not the turtle we saw that day, but he said it also a turtle that they have around the island. 

This was a memorable moments in my life, when i see and i can feel the fishes swims around me, just bump into my face, my feet. And the warm see water, blue and clean and beautiful. Thanks to god for the opportunity. I promised myself to always love the nature. 

After almost two hours snorkeling around (actually it feels like only 20 minutes) we went up and clean ourself and prepare to go back. I say thank you to Mubin and we went back. We didn't stop by Mabul, since we have to drove back to tawau and we short of time, so we just took pictures from the boat and sail back to the jetty. 

We reach jetty around  4.00 pm and straight away find restaurant to eat. We stopped by this restaurant S'Fu tomyam restaurant and ordered our lunch, i have to admit that their tomyam kelapa is the best. Its not in the menu, we have to order it. After that we drove back home and reach tawau around 7.30 pm. I took a bath and dozed off till next morning. 

People said opportunities comes once in a life time, so grab it while you still can ^^,
Thank you Sol for asking me out ♡

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